Control Panel Licenses

License partners of cPanel & DirectAdmin, we provide competitive pricing for our VPS clients.
cPanel/WHM & DirectAdmin Licenses

We provide licenses for both cPanel & DirectAdmin at competitive prices that can be used on our VPS, SSD VPS & Dedicated Server services.

cPanel/WHM License

On July 2019, cPanel changed its pricing model from unlimited accounts at fixed monthly rate to per account billing as such costs have now drastically increased. More details on our blog post here.

We remain committed to offering our clients the best prices for all our services including licenses where we now have very small margins but still signicantly cheaper than most providers and if you were to get a license directly from cPanel store.

cPanel/WHM Price
Admin - 5 Account Limit £11.99
Pro - 30 Account Limit £16.99
Plus - 50 Account Limit £23.99
Premier - 100 Account Limit £30.99
- >100 Accounts £0.13/account

DirectAdmin License

DirectAdmin is a very affordable alternative to cPanel, recommended for clients who are mostly managing sites themselves and have some experience with managing servers.

DirectAdmin Price
- No Account Limit (VPS) £5.00

*To order a license or to upgrade your existing license, please submit a ticket to sales here.