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It has been a great ride with Iniz. For those of you looking for a reliable and an extremely value for money host (assuming they have those offers still up and running), I would definitely recommend you to go with them. For now, I have really high hopes for this new provider that I am currently on. I will probably check back again after a few months or years and do another review of this new provider.

Swift SwiftWorld

Why do I recommend you INIZ? First because they are rock! Secondly because INIZ is great. The best of all, the price is really affordable while the quality is really beyond its price. I have few servers with them and so far I really happy with no single down time except for maintenance which was not too long.

Sawiyati ServerMom

I would like to recommend iniz to anyone. Been using their vps for about 3 years without any single issue. Support is very kind and fast

Alex LowEndBox

Just to update this tread – INIZ is a great service for MANY YEARS. Servers are powerful and stable at low price. Thanks INIZ.

Oleh Savchuk LowEndBox

I’ve used a number of VPS providers over the years. I’ve been with Iniz since 2014. From my personal experience Iniz have been very good especially compared with a number of other service providers. I’ve never felt that I’m getting anything less than I signed up for. I’ve found support to be first rate. Iniz is always the first place I check when I’m after a new VPS.

Greg LowEndBox

I am a very happy customer of INIZ for over 3 years. I currently have a VPS in London. Support has always been fast and the servers are very reliable. I get good speeds and our business has expanded using these services from INIZ having been let down badly by previous big name suppliers.

Ryan LowEndBox

I’m still very happy with Iniz, rolling with them for a couple of years now. Service is very good.

Dennis LowEndBox

I have been for almost 23 month with Iniz. It really works smooth from with in europe, a lot cpu power. Recommend it.

Daniel LowEndTalk

Great provider and quality service. Using INIZ from more thn 1 year now without any big issues and all the minor issues are fixed within hours and sometime within minutes after opening the ticket. Keep it up Kishan and thanks for the great service.

WebGuru WebHostingTalk

I highly recommend this hosting provider. They are very fast to respond in help tickets. And I mean very fast! I am very happy that I signed up with them and won’t be ashamed to recommend them to my friends. Good job guys!

Lamikaayu WebHostingTalk