OpenVZ VPS Hosting

High performance & affordable OpenVZ VPS Hosting with full root access!
Choose from London, Amsterdam, Ashburn & Los Angeles on the order form!

Free Basic Management

Whilst our SSD VPS plans are advertised as unmanaged, we don’t like clients being left in the dry when facing server-related issues. We will try to accommodate your needs wherever possible without any additional charges.

Multiple US & EU Locations To Choose From

We offer both west coast and east coast locations within US, our Ashburn location provides great connectivity within US & EU whilst our Los Angeles location is great for Asia! However do checkout our Singapore VPS plans if you’re looking for VPS based in Asia!

In addition we have two great locations in Europe based in London, UK and Amsterdam, NL both of which have have great network and peering to most popular ISPs and internet exchanges.

Why Choose INIZ?

Affordable OpenVZ VPS hosting with great performance, reliability and extra added bonuses!

Instant Setup

All VPSs are deployed within a minute after we receive payment so you can get going immediately!


You can enable TUN/TAP & PPP from the control panel to use your OpenVZ VPS as a VPN.

Multiple Locations

Choose one (or all!) of the locations from London & Amsterdam in Europe to Los Angeles & Ashburn in the US.

FUSE Support

You may remotely mount file systems using FUSE, to enable this please submit ticket to support.

Dedicated IPv4 + IPv6

All our virtual servers come with one dedicated IPv4, request IPv6 for free and purchase additional IPv4s at £1/month.

Free DDoS Protection

Free basic DDoS protection is included on all plans! See our DDoS Protection page for more information.

Manage With Ease

All OpenVZ VPSs come with a control Panel where you can manage your server such as reinstalling your server, viewing resource graphs and setting rDNS PTR.

OpenVZ vs KVM

A frequently asked question, what is the difference between OpenVZ and KVM and which VPS virtualisation should I opt for? We have the answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer money back guarantee?

We have recently changed our terms and now offer refund within 5 days for all orders for clients using PayPal & Credit Card. BTC/ETH payments are non-refundable.

Do you offer any control panel?

All OpenVZ VPS plans include an VPS Control Panel to manage basic options of your VPS. We do not include any hosting control panel. You can order cPanel & DirectAdmin license from the client area.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my OpenVZ VPS?

You can upgrade or downgrade between plans without downtime. You will see the options in the client area. Alternatively you may contact us for custom requirements.

What kernel is supported?

Our nodes run on OpenVZ 6 on the 2.6.32 kernel. We will soon introduce support for OpenVZ 7 and more up to date kernel.

Do you support Docker?

At this time our OpenVZ plans do not support Docker compatibility. We aim to support it in the near future.

Do you support Disk Quotas?

If you need second level quotas please submit a ticket to support and we can enable it for you.

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