Manage Your VPS With Ease

All new VPS control panel with more features, better security and latest operating systems!

Most of our new plans now include a brand new control panel with dozens of new features, easy management UI and much more. Check out some of the features and sneak peak below.

(KVM) Plans on new vz.INIZ panel:
New Features:
  • NEW: CPU & Disk Graphs
  • NEW: Assign /64 IPv6 Subnet
  • NEW: Many older & newer opearting systems
  • NEW: Install with your SSH keys
  • COMING SOON: Backups
On KVM based virtual servers you can:
  • Start, Shutdown & Reboot
  • Reinstall with clean ready to go template
  • Mount variety of ISOs and go through custom install and select custom partitioning & more
  • Change Root Password (where possible for linux templates)
  • Rescue Mode (Linux kernels)
  • Set Hostname
  • Set Reverse DNS PTR
  • Access VNC Console
  • View Bandwidth Graphs

vz.INIZ Control Panel